The Big Money Promise

The Big Money Promise 

While there is no doubt to the fact there are people making big money consistently ,it's not a realty for most people especially not those just starting out in the business .That mindset is poison for a new individual looking to dive in , way too many fall for the get rich quick approach , they see an offer  "invest 200 dollars and make 1000 or more in 24 hours "  or "one time investment gets you a lifetime in earnings buy it now only 79 dollars " We have all seen these there are literally thousand of people peddling this type of garbage to the unsuspecting newbie who just wants to make a living or a side income  or an extra car payment  , maybe even build his own business to the point that he can quit his 9 to 5 ,even worse  these new people sign up for these super money programs  invest in some cases serious money only to be left empty handed , less money than before and hurt feelings .

It gives real Affiliate Marketers a bad reputation period , stop to think if they are on say a face book page promising you or trying to entice you into spending  money  because "they are making thousands right " and "they are going to show you just as quickly " to earn 5 digits a day or a month  , ask yourself if you were making that kind of money would you have need to be spamming all over facebook ?  But hey proof of income "I seen it right" ? and "he said guarantee too" , hold up let me show you my proof of income right now real quick that was yesterday  all Benjamin's , or how about this 

 last weeks earnings ,that's a half a million right there, now let me run right over to facebook  and show everybody in the world how they can do this in a week ,Seriously ? You believe that ? Not only that but they are going to charge you 79 dollars or whatever fee  to make you part of the team and reveal their secret money making machine or strategy , let me give you some math here  , to earn a half a million dollars  selling a 79 dollar product you would have to generate over 6300 sales a month , that's a lot of customers  , and your getting these customers how ? and where ? Well "I have a website  and I do email campaigns and I send out Landing pages"  and so on and so forth , Yep I bet you do thousands of them literally , but here's a serious fact,  Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher. Ideally, you want to break into the top 10% — these are the landing pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher. That's a fact and you will not get there in a week not even a month and that is a Guarantee you can count on .

You are not Amazon  nor Ebay  or Walmart or any of the other big market platforms ,

 do not try to compete on that level , you will lose these companies spend millions on advertisement , lead acquisitions, hire top level marketing strategist and analyst's, programs, software you name it they have it , now your thinking if that is the case how do I compete because I don't even stand a chance , That's where your wrong don't rely on chance, create chance , Get your piece of that pie there is plenty to go around , people do make millions in this Industry and there's quite a few  but none of them got there overnight  or in a week if they say that  I would have my doubts , most have crafted years to get where they are , as I mentioned in another article Affiliate Marketing is a never ending learning experience , you craft your trade a piece at a time , there's trial and error and a long learning curve ,markets change supply and demand changes , you have to be flexible and able to adapt to those changes ,  yes you can promote an item and get 30 sales overnight  , might be a hot item or  a fad or just plain luck , that doesn't make you successful , doing it consistently does , tipping the odds into your favor  and how to do that ,  but everything starts with you , have your idea or even several idea's , know what you want and yes you need a plan  step by step  and most important you need to stick with it unless it fails miserably, doesn't mean you have to abandon your ideas, just rethink and rework  what your trying to do, try a different approach , use a different strategy, , you have heard the saying if at first you don't succeed try and try again , that's the motto in Affiliate Marketing for the normal person , yes there are plug and play systems you can plug right into have your business up and running very quickly  only one problem  , they cost thousands  in most cases  and people that develop these plug and play systems do not give them away because they have spent thousands in hard earned money and a whole lot of time in the development to make them work , many of which you can't even buy outright , you usually end up paying an up front initial fee  then monthly subscriptions to keep the program active and working , one thing you never hear a marketing guru on facebook or youtube say is "I Guarantee you will make this money" , don't care how many cars he is sitting on or how big the house is he is walking around in  or how much cash money he has piled up on the coffee table , it doesn't happen there's always a disclaimer , there might be the potential to make big money  but results will differ and it's up to you to make it work , reality then is you really don't need to buy a 3 thousand dollar system , over time you end up with your own . Over time you will have to invest in your business  that should be clear in the back of your mind , but starting off you can do it with little to no money and still make money , I will give you a perfect example  , you will probably laugh  but hey it lit a spark  that turned into a flame,  my very first sale was done with a free money making opportunity didn't cost me a dime period, by the next morning  I had made my first sale , no website no nothing  and that was how much ? thousands ? no it was exactly 21 cents after my material cost  , not much right but it told me that I can do this  within several days  came a little more dollar here dollar there all with the same program , and I am still using it today , that first sale was a product i made using a free opportunity  and the actual sales cost was a little over 2 dollars , my next item cost 21 dollars to produce and my take was a 5 dollar profit  so if I can do it you can too , that is just one opportunity , easily connected to at least 2 more in the same industry  doing the same thing  each one generating sales and doesn't cost me a penny one up front , just a little time invested less than an hour , this can sell over and over again no further action needed on my part  unless I want to raise or lower the price,  that's how you create passive income , do the work once  and let it run , will I get rich with this opportunity ? probably not, but I can make a nice chunk of change and it runs all by itself, so for anyone to say you have to spend money to get started  I totally disagree , there are hundreds of opportunities out there,  grab one and run with it !!