Basic Steps to Affiliate Marketing

So you have decided to go into Affiliate Marketing 

There are some questions you need to ask yourself , and some points that you need to be aware of , chances of you becoming an overnight millionaire are rare to none ,let's be honest here there are enough overnight success offers on the internet to fill the oceans , unfortunately many of those offers are designed for separating you from your money as quickly as possible ,ending with little or nothing to show for it  except a bad experience , avoid the HYPE 

Here are the 7 basic steps  you should be looking at , and we will explore these a little closer 

Choose your niche

Research different affiliate programs and products.

Build a site

Produce excellent content

Build an audience

Promote your affiliate product(s)

Repeat steps #4–7 on a continual basis! 

Step Number 1 refers to the first question you need to ask yourself , What area  of Affiliate Marketing do you want to go into ,finding a niche  is a keystone to your new business , picking the right niche solidifies your chances of success,things to consider is the niche an area you know something about ? is it something your passionate about , is there a market for it ? what type of Marketing is it drop shipping ? material products or digital products , research your niche 

Step number 2 refers to the question of what type of Affiliate program you want to go with  , researching the different ares is important , pick what feels right for you  , is going to strictly doing promotions ? is as an associate ? are you doing direct product sales,  each of these areas  also has different marketing strategies as to how are you going to get your product to the customer so that you can make a sale and get paid  , go with a strategy your familiar with ,even if it doesn't work as well as you want to start can be adjusted and tweaked as you move along  strategies can be , again research the different strategies that work best for your niche, research is a big part of Affiliate Marketing and it's a continual process 

Number 3 on the list  build a site , as in website , now your thinking here it comes right ?or I don't know anything about website building , put your fears to rest it's not as bad as you may think ,website have come a long way and have been made beginner friendly  for most people , even if you have never built a website you can literally have a site up and running in a very short amount of time ,there are excellent website companies out there today that offer free websites and and have editors like drop and drag  even AI  to simplify the construction of your website , no major coding required anymore , research them try them all most are free to start  pick one that you get comfortable with check out their plans and what they offer  and if they have a good customer service record , because as a new person getting in to the online world there will be questions and support will be a big help , from personal experience I can definitely recommend  , it's quick, easy, multiple plans to fit any budget and their customer service is absolute fantastic and available 24/7 , different websites do different things , selection is a big help different templates to set your site up with tools resources  all things designed to help you  , make sure you use them 

While it is possible to get into Affiliate marketing without a website  I recommend one it opens the doors for many more options than without , the more possibilities you have the greater your overall chances of success , most if not all website company offer video tutorials  and help getting your site up and running , another important resource is youtube  , literally hundreds of instructional videos  from all major website company's and reviews, tutorials, how to's,  can be found there


Number 4 is content , the bread and butter of your website , its what you put into the website , and it needs to be quality  , all the time every time, if it's not people will spend 2 seconds and be gone , content goes into several things from what you write ,  descriptions, reviews, blogs. to products , pictures, links  feedback and accessibility , your saying you don't know how to write, content? that's  easy , go to your favorite website  and look at it  see how it's laid out , whats wrote on it and how  , how it organized  , you can even research the statistics on it to see how much traffic it is getting,  everything that will spark that creative mind of yours is out there, you just need to grab it and put it to use for you 


Number 5 building an audience , your website is set up you published it , it's now live in the internet anybody in the world can see it , building your audience  means attracting people that are interested in either what your saying promoting or selling , hopefully all 3  and people want to return to your site read some more , buy some more  , directing your site at those people interested in your niche  will attract customers  that will come to your site  and hopefully like what they see and possibility buy something so you can earn your first commission check , there are  number of ways to build your audience  and drive traffic (people) to your website  to check things out , the more the better  always , the higher the volume of visitors the better your chances of making sales , i am not going to get too deep into this at this point because that is a topic on its own  but suffice it to say there are many ways  to get your audience  from free to paid , using free resources that are available to generate interest in your products like facebook , instagram pintrest  youtube snap chat and many more , again remember your niche, find groups or create groups around your particular niche 


Number 6 is promoting your products links or services , this is where many get disappointed , its a learning curve you have to go thru  and it will help you in the long run , promoting your products can be done any number of ways some easier some more difficult , some free others require spending a little  , stay within your budget  to start  , once you start generating sales consistently  then invest a little money  to enhance where your making progress , until then try different methods or several methods at the same time  don't ever rely on just one product use several  , what you are looking to create are multiple streams of income, you can do this with either products or services or a combination of each  , remember the Internet is open 24/7  every single day of the year  your odds of making a sale are pretty good , simple example : you promote an item say ebook which is a digital download product , it sells for  say 5 dollars  and you sell that once a day everyday for a month , then you have made 140 dollars on the side with a 5 dollar product , now imagine you sell 10 of these a day  that's about 1400 a month , with billions of people in the world  over 2 billion on fb alone not counting any other sources,  what do you think your odds are of making a sale ? I would say pretty good, the idea is start small try different things different methods and approaches some will work some wont some better than others learn from what doesn't work well tweak your strategy , once you are making consistent sales you can apply more strategies, more products  and will make more money 


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