The Journey to Affiliate Marketing


Make Money At Home 

We have all heard or seen this somewhere am I right ? Ever give it a second thought ? Many people do , for a variety of reasons every single day people are looking for an opportunity to

Work From Home or generate additional or supplemental income , maybe even replace their primary source of income , or just to get away from the normal 9 to 5  routine

So what is Affiliate Marketing ?

The short definition is a person  ,decides he want's to sell an item ,product or service, and joins with a person or company that offers these products, items  or services and becomes an Affiliate ,this is usually done by signing up with the company , most company's have Affiliate Programs that are free to join 

Once you are signed up and confirmed you will receive a unique Affiliate URL that links any of this company's products or services directly back to you ,any purchases made thru the use of your unique Affiliate link automatically lets the company know who to pay the commission to  That's You!

There are literally thousands of opportunities in this field to earn a nice supplemental income ,even a passive or residual income paying you more than once , thousands  of people start in the world of online marketing thru this method and have made very successful careers building their Affiliate Marketing Business

Sounds good right ? easy enough let's go.........STOP !!!!

It is good but it is not easy and requires several basics that people either forget or disregard , it requires time, effort, research, and yes possibly money , I will go a little deeper into all these areas so you can get a better understanding if this is a direction you would like to pursue . 

My intent is not to scare you off , but to give 

you a better understanding of what lies ahead if you want to get into this business, with the right approach and some dedication you can earn a very nice income ,maybe even building it to the point where you can earn a full time income ,be your own boss ,work at your own pace , and work from home or anywhere you want follow my blog for more insight 

tips ideas, and yes even money making opportunities 


Not a get rich scheme 

but if you are looking for a few ideas and how you can implement them your in the right place 

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