Business Showcase    Tuesday's Bath Bombs and Accessories

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce  a new segment on my website 

Business Showcase 

In this segment I will Introduce new  self started businesses that were successfully created  by Real people , today's pick is 

Tuesday's Bath Bombs and Accessories

This young Lady  created  a flourishing Business from scratch and turned into a thriving and growing Business venture, which goes to proving my point  that anybody that has a dream , a vision  and is willing to put forth the effort , time and sweat  even sometimes sacrifice  can be successful and be their own Boss , start a Business and prosper 

from Beautiful designs  to incredible fragrances  , using these in your bath water is sure way to pamper yourself or a loved one , also makes for a great gift idea 

these are custom made Bath Bombs that were done for Easter but of course can be used anytime , but it shows the creativity that  goes into what makes this business work , these items get sold online , art's and craft shows , open markets  and people love them , why ? they are unique  hand made  100% natural  and smell so good 

This is showing 5 of the bestsellers  but there are many more  fragrances available  

Crisp Green, Apple ,Rose ,Watermelon Kiwi, Birthday Cake ,Aqua Di Gio version ,gingerbread, Strawberry and more 

the Fragrance Satchets are also very popular because they are reusable 

Tuesdays also has a long list of Essential Oils Fragrances and can put together custom orders for those looking to spice it up 

Essential oil scents 






jasmine Absolute 

orange blossom neroli


cedar wood 

sweet birch 

balsam fir 












Just to name a few and more  , and has also introduced CBD infused bath bombs currently in 2 variety's available with more in the works  they are 

OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple 

GRANDDADDY PURPLE Strain and O.G. Kush Strain these two provide the best topical benefit
0.0% THC, All Health – No High
No Prescription Required
All Natural – No Artificial Ingredients
Legal To Purchase in all 50 States 

There you have it all health , no artificial ingredients, custom orders,  more products in the works , an established and profitable business for over 3 years  based on an idea  , a plan  and the action  to implement that into a viable  business , if your in the New Mexico area drop them a call or visit their online website  and or facebook page they can be found at 

For more information and purchase orders they can be reached at the above links or by clicking on any of the images , they ship nationwide and globally please contact their store for prices and shipping cost, check back with them, subscribe to their newsletter for updates  and new products