Grand Opening  My New Store  RAD's Marketplace   Is now Open

I have talked several times about Multiple Streams of income 

Nothing is more true than that  , is it a must no but it helps , so today I want to introduce  one of my online stores , 


I have several online sales platforms  where I sell different products  this is my newest addition , this is more a gift shop where i sell new and used  Collectibles Items from Collectors Plates,  nic nac's ,  Nascar Cards , Tins, Avon Decanters, and more 

From a Business aspect  I can  definitely Recommend EBIDS.NET  if your looking 

to create an online retail shop , Reason ? Well the best one is of course you can sell your items there for free , 

they allow  you to post your items  similar to ebay  but  in my opinion much better  because they only charge you a flat 2% fee when you sell ,  They also have multiple paid plans running from monthly to yearly  and if you catch the special  it's a one time fee  for 49.00 dollars for life  which is the version I am running  because I always have something to sell .Pay attention to their rules  and you will have no problems selling , while it is slower  in traffic about 600k visitors a month it's a rock solid platform and hassle free 

As I have talked about  before the more irons in the fire the better your chances of earning money , If you are the creative type and like to design  products  whether shirts , dresses, framed art, Iphone cases , Pillows ,Blankets, Tapestry's, or any number of other products , but don't want the monthly fee's involved with setting up a store front  try Redbubble  or Teesprings  for no pressure easy to use  software to create and publish  your designs on a multitude of items , they handle everything , printing sales shipments even returns if there are any  and again the absolute best reason being it's FREE, I currently have over 500 items listed on Redbubble doesn't cost me a dime , and I do all Kinds of crazy designs , which opens the door for yet another moneymaking possibility namely selling those design , there are many places that will buy designs for all kinds of reasons, nothing like getting paid every time somebody likes and downloads your design or picture  , to give you an idea 

                                                    These are just a few of the many designs I have made  at Redbubble  and I'm not the greatest  designer  but get better all the time  , my point being is you have to try different things  to make it all work , if your interested in more go to , check out other peoples work there as well , almost a given you will see something you like  and can do yourself , you don't even have to buy the Graphics software it's available online for free , you just have to learn to use it ......which when you do opens yet another moneymaker, you can design logos , bumperstickers  advertisements for people and company's that will pay you good money to make something unique for them 

Granted different strokes for different folks , but Redbubble has hundreds of artist  making extremely good money with their platform  they also own Teesprings which is based here in the United States 

Another Fantastic Free Design site is  Vida Design Studio  probably one of the best opportunities for a person to start Designing and putting your design on High Quality Products  in a number of categories from Silk Scarves to wraps ,shirts , handbags clutches to home decor  it's all right there in one spot , super easy to use  and the best part of course FREE , you get your own storefront to sell from free , with upgrades available as you need them , Marketing tools  affiliate options this site puts it all together in one place , Create your Brand and start designing today , for a peek at my new collection click on the pic below 

There is no such thing as not being able to make money online , there are so many different opportunities  but they all have one thing in common  , work , it doesn't happen by itself , you have to make that move ,

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