I was hoping not to have to go there , but it must be said so this is the Tough Love Department 

At the very top of the list is  PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!

It's Bad , really bad I see it every single day , people with their heads in a cloud no clue to anything and can't think further the the end of their nose , so full of negativity it actually hampers their  progress moving forward and they don't even begin to realize it , they stay miserable , lost, confused and it's everybody else's fault but their own ,  in the business world that's a guarantee to a fruitless and disappointing start that usually ends in complete failure , YOU are accountable for your actions or in actions period , blaming everybody else for your failure's is the absolute wrong approach to anything  , but is is so common  it's almost accepted socially a recipe for disaster waiting to happen , and it usually does all it takes is time and a trigger and I am not talking politics .

I am referring to the Individual , I won't go into the how's and why this is happening that is a deep subject on it's own  but when it comes to wanting to be your own boss , wanting to start a business,  any business you need to have your head on your shoulders and not in a cloud  and that is severely lacking in way too many cases , it starts with self accountability and that hateful word WORK,  it doesn't matter what you do  but Work is the  key ingredient in any means to making money period , even in the online world  maybe even more so , People seem to think they can click a few buttons  post a couple links  and now were rolling cash wave coming  , doesn't happen it takes WORK , it may not be physical in a sense your digging a ditch but it is work , for some reason people think that online business is so easy  a goldmine waiting to be tapped , it can be if you know what your doing  but for many i see it's not going to happen , working online has many personal benefits , on the other side of the coin your competition just increased by billions , I follow many marketing groups on several social media platforms , the things I see posted  are down right scary , what's worse  is the response that some of these post's receive  ,,,, send info  ....I'm interested .... help me  just to name a few , and I occasionally engage with people and my first question is usually what exactly are you looking for .... the answer  a job , that in itself tells a story and it doesn't paint a pretty picture , not to mention it opens a door to exploitation and the person isn't even aware , sadly enough there is a large segment of the world population that will be quick to jump on this and play to the emotions of this individual looking for a job  , the person doesn't even know what exactly he wants and job is a broad topic that he or she can't even define , along comes paul schmuck and offers that job "hey need a job ?, I can show you  how to make 5oo dollars a day easy peasy " followed by 50 comments of people scrambling  with  how ,send info please  etc , sadly one or more of them will fall for some utter BS  and will possibility have sent the guy money to top it all off and getting zero in return , while paul is cashing in on his success victimizing fools , sorry if that hurts but that's the truth .

There is an entire industry  that makes billions of dollars every year  looking for fools and finding them , chewing them up , milking them , then spitting them out  never to be heard from again  just alot poorer than when they started , feelings hurt disappointed  frustrated  everything is a scam  are the most common reactions , never will you hear wow I should have been smarter than falling for that crap, or I was a fool to think that would work , very seldom  those that do think that are on their first step to recovery , the ones that automatically blame  paul  will never recover  but chances are good they will fall a few more times  for pauls friends , and yes he has many believe it , again WAKE UP

Everybody has fallen for a scam of some kind or another at sometime in their life  , that's part of living and learning but the keyword here is Learning  , doing it over and over again is not Learning , it's hoping  big difference , there are some basic's everybody needs to apply  , I know they sound old fashion saying this but fact is it's true and have proven themselves in the past countless times  , IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE  IT"S BS , do the research , ask your self  if somebody is offering you a thousand dollars a day,  that,s 30 grand a month why they would be posting in a fb group ?why would they even have the need to post in the first place ? making that kind of money they would normally be living the high life not sitting on FB spamming posts be realistic because that's where the real world operates not in the clouds 

Know exactly what you want , if you want an online job great , there are many REAL online jobs i can list at least 100 in 5 minutes or less  , they are there , But not one will pay you for nothing , and most have something called required skill's needed , the 100 dollars a day programs no skills needed  is a pipe dream  , can you make a hundred dollars a day ? sure you can but it's not going to happen on autopilot like many claim , all require a little word like WORK in some fashion shape or form , depending on how well you implement that work will reflect in your earnings , how simple or complicated that work is depends on what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve, set your self a GOAL but be realistic about it , I want to get rich is not a goal, it is a result  of years and years of WORK

Be Honest with your self first and foremost , if your lying to yourself starting off you will fail shortly after , that doesn't mean quit  or self doubt  , it means  know your self  your capabilities your skills what are you really good at what's not as good where can you improve , set your goals accordingly and work to increase them, forget the overnight success stories , it's a proven fact that even people that win millions of dollars in a lottery are usually broke and unhappy very quickly thereafter , somebody that earns a million dollars usually isn't , he is increasing his earnings steadily , he also knows the value of money and risk

Not everything is a scam, there are thousands of legit opportunities  out there , it's your job to know the difference ,  Opportunity comes in all sizes , from small to large , the larger usually the more risk and investment needed , if your looking to earn money chances are good you do not have the cash investment needed to speculate and possibly lose  so don't do it , stockbrokers don't hang out in fb groups  neither do Forex experts , just because somebody has made a few bucks in either area doesn't make them an expert period and you should be very cautious about any advice they try to give you , there are bonifide experts in both fields talk to one  before you send somebody a wad of cash .

Learn about the Business you are trying to go into or start , do some research gather information , how can you make that information work for you , think outside of the box , be flexible , gather ideas  put them on paper create an outline of what you are trying to achieve , most important be realistic , a small success is better than a large failure anyday , build on the small success get good at consistently making small successes and your on your way to scaling up your business , as I have mentioned in previous articles,  multiple sources of income streams never put all your eggs in one basket , 2 small opportunities making you 20 bucks a day can result  280 dollars a week , how long it takes you to make those 20 bucks is up to you , the quicker you do it the better you are becoming at whatever it is you do , and opens the time door to either  do something more  or to kick back and enjoy what you have going , some people don't want much  so that;s plenty good for them , others want more  so again work is required  and needs to be applied  and you will earn more  it's pretty much that simple 

Don't take the first best thing that comes along and strikes your fancy,  again do some research never pay for what you can get free unless you are 100% sure that what you want , I see shopify ads all over the place "look at me i have a shopify store " whoopi , they are paying for it too , not that's wrong , it's about what you can afford , but it is not the only solution that's what you need to understand , these platforms are all about making money yours included  the latest one  I have seen from shopify goes something like this "let us show you how to design and sell t-shirts and sell them on shopify " that's great  except for one little problem what if you don't sell one this month ? you are still obligated to pay your shopify account sale or not , so point being  why spend money for something that you can do for free no monthly fee's period sale or not , there are at least 3 Businesses that I know of  that will allow you to design to your hearts content  upload and post your t-shirts  coffee mugs and about 50 other items that your design fits on  for absolutely free hosting included and they handle everything from orders to shipping even returns  the whole 9 yards  and only charge you a fraction  of the sales price of your shirt , a price by the way that you determine and can adjust as you please , how do I know  simple I use 2 of these sites myself and have for several years never a problem one 

My point is if you do the research you can find  much of what others will want to charge you for , in some areas you will not get around a startup fee  , the travel industry is one of them  , they usually require a small payment  in advance  to cover certain items and training  not to mention to see if you are really serious  in working in that field , that doesn't make it a scam  that's just how their business works because you will have to receive training  to become a successful travel agent 

Sometimes the free version isn't enough and you end up having to buy the full version  , nothing wrong with that , at least the free version allows you to play with it to see if it will work for you  , if it does but you need more capability of the program  or whatever then by all means buy what you need  to enhance your business , keep records be organized bussiness expenditures can be applied at tax time 

Speaking which of Taxes , that ugly word nobody wants to discuss as their bragging on their 30 grand a month moneymaking opportunity ,  if your running your own business you also will have taxes to deal with like it or not , so keeping records is a requirement you need to get used to , even if you don't do your own taxes  and use a CPA or a tax firm they will still want and need to see your records  so get into that habit right from the start , the IRS is the last thing you want interfering in your business  so keep your records and earnings straight right from the getgo 

In closing this article I would like to say use common sense , be real , stay true to your dreams and goals and pursue them but do it realistically and one step at a time  with caution and an open mind and you will succeed , it's not about how fast you get there  it's all about that you get there !!