Let's look at Products, Services and Advertisement

Lets' take a closer look an Products  Services  and Advertisement, keeping in mind this is more designed for the beginner in Affiliate Marketing , each category can go a mile deep,  but  I will only cover these in general , the idea is to get you thinking and connecting the various elements and dot's of the business you are trying to build , as mentioned before  Affiliate marketing is a never ending learning process , the basic principle stays the same but your strategy has to be flexible and adapt as the market changes , a hot seller today may not be so hot in a week 

Lets go into the Products first , you have established you want to sell  products , the question you now need to answer is What kind of Products,  there are Products in General  consumer material products  like  apparel clothes t-shirts shoes and so on  , products come in almost every category you can think of  , Remember your Niche  , and how far you are going to narrow it down , if you decide say Apparel in general  that covers alot of ground  and there is huge competition in that field , but when you narrow it down , to say Tuxedos or Prom Dresses that narrows  the field down considerably , your target buyers now are consumers that need or want Tuxedos or Prom Dresses , that becomes your focus group , so now you want products that relate  , while there are many companies that offer  both these items , pick the one that you like best  , maybe one you have already purchased from  in the past where you know the quality already , see if they have an Affiliate program  if they do sign up , Most companies and services  have Affiliate programs and 9 out of 10 are free to join , however many companies also have policies  do's and dont's  that apply to the affiliate , be sure you read these policies before  you sign up , you do not want to violate their terms because that will get you terminated and lose your commission 

If your doing these two apparels together  do not go with 10 companies keep it small  use 1 or 2  get familiar with them and their product line , test the waters and promote a few items  (in accordance with their policy) and see if and what kind of response you get , remember it takes time,  be patient  chances are your not going to make the big sales right off ,  but persistence does pay off , promote different Tuxedos and Prom Dresses see what consumers are biting on , there are market research tools available to help you out  but I will get into that a bit later , make sure your searching the right areas for your customers , somebody looking for socks is not going to be interested  in a Tuxedo , but somebody looking at suits maybe , stay focused on your target group for each product  your trying to sell 


This is a mega huge segment in the Market world today 

We live in a consumer oriented  society , everybody wants to sell you something or do something for you and of course they want to get paid , 

There are literally hundreds of Services in every segment of the market , from dog walking to house sitting to food catering you name it it's out, there and yes you can become an Affiliate in the Service sector  same as in the Retail  sector , the same basic rules apply only here you have the opportunity to add another brick to your business foundation, using the Tuxedo and Prom dress example above let's say you are making sales in those and it's consistent , so in this case lets look at a Service that could be connected to that, People buying Tuxedos and Prom Dresses are looking to go somewhere in formal attire , so offering a way to get there comes to mind , become an Affiliate of a Limousine or Chauffeur Service, if your Niche is Travel and Vacations consider related Services like hotel booking  or air travel or tour guides  if those are not already incorporated  in your sale or Service , this advantage not only helps your business grow it creates income streams  from different  but related sources , so you not only sold that Prom Dress but you also sold the buyer a way to get to the Prom 

There are many Services related to Products , find one that works best for you and connect the dots


A very big part of your successful Affiliate Marketing Business is advertisement , again this category is about a mile deep so I will stick to some basics, Advertisement impact's your business directly , it's how you get customers and make your sales , it's the bread and butter of any industry , doing it correctly makes you money , not doing it or only half hazard will make you nothing 

thin your budget , as you earn more ,invest a little more , spending 

 500 dollars on facebook ad's will not get you a thousand dollars in sales , you would be doing extremely well to break even , but down the road you should be using both free and paid advertisement  but go with what works best for you 

There are two basic types of Advertisement , Paid or Free , and many sub categories of each , the companies you are Affiliated with may have some rules that apply here as into how and what you can do as far as Advertisement goes , again make sure you know these rules before you start running Ad's, the same can be said for Advertisement mediums or platforms , whether it's Facebook or classified adds  they all have stipulations on how and what you can advertise , starting out Free is the way to go , you can use a multitude of free Advertisement mediums and platforms , some of the more popular being Facebook , Youtube, Instagram, Pintrest, Snapchat ,what'sapp,  Craigslist, Classified Ad sites online  the list is long , using these effectively can be a gateway to Success for your business , Paid Advertisement can do the same thing plus some , however it will cost you money  and again the list is long , depending on what kind of advertisement you want and how much prices go from low to high very quickly , remember advertisement equals visits to your site or product, not guaranteed sales people tend to forget that starting off , there are also tools free and paid that can help you with advertisement  from SEO (search engine optimization ) to paid automated software and programs , starting off do what you can afford , a question I get alot is can it be done for Free , the answer is yes , but it takes longer , if your trying to make money in a hurry as an Affiliate Marketer you had best know all the pros and cons and be willing to invest serious money 

Lastly investing in your business is always a good thing , but for someone starting out keep it within your budget  and be realistic 

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