Mindset  Where Is Your Head At?


Yes it's a big one right there  so time to talk about it some , What is a mindset? The book definition is "the established set of attitudes held by someone". This also hit's on another keyword "Attitude" When it comes to you and your business it plays a major role , People literally talk themselves into failure , and it can happen in a hurry thoughts like "I can't do this" or "This is too hard"  or "I'll never make it " are all part of a Negative mindset that will lead to failure , the will stop you from ever succeeding in your business or most anything else you want to do , you will never know for certain until you actually try , Your mindset should be "I want to do this and your attitude should be I will make this work " turning the negative into a positive .Of course there are going to be challenges  , life is a challenge period  , business is no different , it's what you make of it period in both situations .

It's like the guy or gal dreaming of riches and plays the lottery every single day hoping to hit the big one , can it happen ? yes sure can , but what are the odds ? But yet they continue playing , if they put as much dedication and investment into something they can create and generate money as they do into playing and spending on lottery tickets every single day  chances are good they would already be a lot better off , betting systems  are designed for you to spend and to lose , don't believe it ? check any casino , I watched an interesting interview with a major big name casino in Las Vegas where the biggest question asked was do people really win millions here daily , the answer was yes , however when asked how many millions  the answer was single digit , that's a possible 1 thru 9 , sounds like a lot right ? it was the next question that was more interesting , the question asked was ok well how much does this Casino take in in a 24 hour period , the answer  was high in the double digits , so the lesson here is yes they do pay  but take in way more than they pay out , while the one person is winning there are many many losing , the odds are pre stacked against you , creating your own Affiliate Marketing business or any other business changes those odds of making money into your favor , it starts in small increment's and grows , Not knowing how to do something should not be a show stopper , Power of the Mind  learn it then apply it , never get on that negativity train , nobody said it's a piece of cake , if it were everybody would be eating it and there wouldn't be much left  for you , but turns out that a real big cake  and your piece is waiting for you , you just need to go get it , having the right Mindset and Attitude goes a long way in achieving your goal and ultimately leads to your success and a piece of that cake .

Start with a piece of paper and a pencil , do a self analysis  and be honest about it , because if your not  your setting yourself up for failure ,  do an outline,  what do I want ?  and don't just answer make money , give it some thought , job ? what kind of job  or kinds of job , working for someone else ? company or individual or yourself ? What do I like to do ? what am I good at ? what are my favorite hobbies ? many successful business have come from somebody's hobby something to keep in mind , what can I do , what are you really good at ? what skills do you have ?are you bi lingual ? can you type ? are you artsy crafty ? all these things and more will give you a perspective of yourself , Use them to fine tune  your direction , simple example , I know a young lady , never finished highschool  , she has heard "your never going to amount to anything"  so many times  she can't count them , got married and soon had children , even more of a lockdown right ? Wrong , she tried looking for work  and even jobbed at some fast food places  made a few bucks to get by  but it wasn't exactly what she wanted spending her life doing , good jobs were not hiring her for lack of skills , didn't have a highschool diploma  or college degree the answer sorry we have nothing available , but this young lady was good at something and that is what she began pursuing  with a vengeance , it was also her hobby  and she had a serious passion for doing this ....she baked cakes,  from regular to custom , birthdays wedding special occasions you name it  right out of her own kitchen and started selling them , first to friends and neighbors then as demand started coming she scaled it up started selling online thru various platforms including her own online storefront and website and today is making good money is she getting rich , that would depend on the definition  but suffice it to say making 5 and 6 figures a year  doesn't equal poor , she had the right Mindset  the right Attitude and the will to want  to succeed and that my friends is priceless. 

You can do this , think positive , be positive and apply yourself , don't let failure get you down , Rome wasn't built in a day , but it did last a thousand years , you have what it takes or you would not be here , find it , use your strength's passions and skills apply them to your dream and ideas  ,make a plan and run with it , the only limit to success is you , break the mold slant the winning odds in your favor  take action and go with it , you would be amazed at what you can do .

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