The Crypto Currency SCAM List

Probably the Biggest Scam going in the Online World is the Crypto Scam  Machine ,  it never ceases to amaze me  just how gullible people have become when it comes wanting to lose their money . What does it take to wake people up ? The lure of fast money is almost a sure way to lose it , and that goes for almost all offers you see , Youtube is full of Professional Scammers advertising all kinds of products , astounding is the amount of views they get off people wanting to throw their money down the tube , and then Crying about it , Ripping people off is a 2+ BILLION Dollar Industry Yearly and it's growing thanks to  platforms like youtube,  FB groups  and a general lack of Common Sense  , nonetheless  it seems there is no shortage Fools willing to part with their money in a big hurry ,  I have mentioned this before  Crypto Currency is a real Market , probably the most unstable of all investment markets out there despite what these so called experts try to convince you of , and while it is legit in many places , it is not accepted or legit in others so doing the research is not only smart  but a requirement , taking the word of some person that you have no clue about  in a facebook group trying to convince you that his or her program is guaranteed the best and quickest way to "Effortlessly" make tons of money should set Alarm Bells off , especially in Crypto  but other gimmick schemes as well . Real Investment Firms and Brokers do not hangout on youtube  nor in Facebook groups offering make money online opportunities , and none of them will promise you mega bucks in a big hurry as in thousands a week , they will all warn you of that magic word  RISK because like with any investment  be it stocks, bonds, real-estate,  commodities, currencies   or crypto  there is ALWAYS a risk involved , of course you don't have to believe a word I say  that's a choice you make , don't say you have not been warned .But seeing as this is more about the Crypto Scam machine  I thought it would be relevant  to give people an Idea of just how many Crypto Scams are out there , Unfortunately the list is so long  , I only managed to put together a partial list  for now , but everything on this list is a known and proven scam 

Cryptocurrency Blacklist

As I mentioned this only scratches the surface , some of these were reputable sites at one time , some of them for years before they went belly up ,took their investments and closed their doors and disappeared , the choice is always yours to make but before sending anybody cash I seriously recommend doing some online research 

Thank you and big shout out to the team at  for the list compilation and the never ending effort of exposing  these Fraudsters .

Do yourselves a favor and do the research before sending cash to people to "Invest" chances are good the only investment is your money going into their pockets , check out Scambitcoin  and read their mile long comments section of new crypto scams coming out almost daily 

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